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    Acculab offers a full range of high quality electronic balances designed to be durable, user friendly and cost effective.
  • The AL-Series Analyticals and AL-Series Precision Balances, with readabilities of 0.001g, 0.01g, and 0.1g, feature high-end capabilities, including RS-232 connectivity.
  • The VICON-Series offers portable weighing solutions from readabilities of 1mg-1g, and capacities from 120g-10kg and readabilities of 0.001g, 0.01g, 0.1g and 1g. Choose either an RS-232 or USB interface for all VI models.
  • Pocket-Pro models are ideal for field research, quality control, and classroom use.
  • A compact design, large LCD display, rugged ABS housing, heavy-duty weight cell and advanced microprocessor make the ECON series the best in its class. The line consists of four models from 210 to 4,100 gram capacity with readabilities from 0.1 to 1.0 grams. Engineered for maximum efficiency, these economy scales offer high performance at a great price.
  • The SVI-Series (small platform or large platform) is ideal for light industrial and shipping applications.
  • Finally, the VA series offers 3 premium industrial scales starting at 6kg to 30kg with 0.1 gram readability and wash down capabilities.

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