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Power Conditioning

    Digital weighing indicators utilize an incredibly small signal in their operation. These signals are easily disturbed by any number of voltage distortions. Additionally, many weighing systems are now designed with a complex array of peripheral equipment, including printers and computers. To maintain proper operation and provide maximum protection, Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers this wide variety of power conditioning products as your first line of defense in the battle to improve power problems.
    For a list of power problems you may experience, with a reference to the equipment we recommend to solve the problem, click on the “Selecting Power Conditioning Devices” link below.

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EL225-4 Dedicated In-Line Transient Protection
EL226 AC Transient Protector
ISOBAR® AC Transient Protector
ISOBLOK® AC Transient Protector
LCP-1 DC Transient Protection
Leviton Uninterruptible Power Supply
Powerware® 3105 Series Uninterruptible Power Supply
Sola MCR Series AC Power Regulators
Sola Uninterruptible Power Supply
TP-232 RS-232 High Energy Serial Surge Protector
TP75 Transient Protector
Tripp-Lite DNET1 Network Surge Suppressor
Tripp-Lite LC1200 Regulator
Tripp-Lite PV Series Power Inverters
UJB3T6 DC Transient Protection